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3D Printed Ironman Suit Update - How I 'Weld' 3D printed parts

Hi everyone,

I wanted to provide a quick update on the 3D printed Ironman Suit!

It's coming along well (besides a power failure ruining a 60 hour print...) but I did finish the collar guard. Unfortunately the collar guard was too big to print in one piece so I had to cut in my CAD software and print it in two pieces and then glue them together. The thing is I don't like how superglue usually turns out with these large printed parts, always some misalignment. Instead, I use a 3D printing pen and a technique similar to that of MIG welding to effectively weld the two parts together on the back side, and then I use this awesome product called 3D Gloop to create a solvent weld on the front! After some sanding and a little bit of filler, it looks like one piece! Well thats all I have for now so keep a lookout for more updates! I'm working on the back piece now and hope to have it done soon! Thanks a bunch and remember, don't get lost in the noise!


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