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I am Ironman....Soon

Okay here's the first early piece to a massive undertaking. My goal is to (in true SNR style) fully 3D print a Mk85 ironman suit and this is the first part of that long process. If you want a suit of your own head over to which is where I got these amazing files. Goals in the end are for it to be full of custom circuit boards and various actuators, possibly flash lamps for the repulsors, few lasers here and there, and of course lights everywhere. I want the outside to be as screen accurate as possible but for it to be a technologically advanced suit on the inside. If you want to see the faceplate get printed and the helmet actually on my head check out our YouTube channel! There will be MUCH more to come so get subscribed on our YouTube channel and follow us on our social medias linked at the top of your screen!


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