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Octolapse with GoPro!!! (Or any DSLR with HDMI Output)

I spent a long time looking for a way to get octoprint working with my GoPro for time-lapses with octolapse. I found a few software solutions which were unreliable including ways to get it to work over wifi, but this trick is disabled in later gopros. As for using DSLR's lots of people would install a physical button to trigger the camera which the extruder would hit but there were mixed results with that. After ages searching for a solution, I finally found a super easy hardware solution which works with any camera that has an HDMI video output! The solution lies in this small $30 chip called an HDMI to CSI-2 bridge. This chip basically converts the HDMI signal into a CSI-2 signal so the raspberry pi thinks the camera is just a raspberry pi camera! By simply plugging in your HDMI cable to one side, and plugging the ribbon cable into the raspberry pi's 15 pin camera plug octoprint recognized the camera immediately and better yet, octolapse let me set it up as a native camera! Heres a 3DBenchy time-lapse I shot with my GoPro using that exact chip.

For more details on how exactly to set it up as well as a higher resolution time-lapse check out our Youtube channel. Here is a link to a 3D printable case I designed to protect the chip! Thanks so much for visiting and remember, don't get lost in the noise!


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Mattia Colombo
Mattia Colombo
Jun 24, 2021

Ah! THANK YOU A LOT! Could you tell me how do you constantly power the GoPro up? Thanks!

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