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Fixed a computer mouse with 3D Printing! Helping reduce e-waste

I have a corsair iron-claw mouse and the scroll wheel broke! Instead of spending way too much money on a brand new mouse I figured I could probably just fix it! So I grabbed the trusty Ifixit kit a set of calipers and redesigned it in fusion 360 (using an old mouse since the Ironclaw was sitting in pieces on my desk of course...)! There's another reason you really should consider doing this. In short, the thingiverse can be found here if you have a corsair ironclaw and want to do this yourself. There's even a youtube video guide here to walk you through how to do it!

On a more serious note about e-waste, unfortunately a lot of consumer electronics are simply thrown instead of fixing the single broken component leading to a lot of excessive electronics waste in our dumps. Between lithium batteries, fiberglass PCB's, discrete components and a lot of plastic this e-waste is pretty bad for the environment and takes thousands of years to break down. The crazy thing is most of the time fixing your own broken electronics really isn't that hard! There's a website I've been using for years called (not sponsored but ya me) which has a ton of in depth repair guides for all kinds of common electronics like laptops, xboxes, play stations, and more. They also offer a ton of replacement components for your repair as well as some awesome screwdriver kits for your repair. If your electronics break, no matter what it is take a look and see if you can repair it! If you're already out of warranty anyway what do you have to loose? Besides you might learn something new! That's all from me so thanks for reading enjoy your day and remember, don't get lost in the noise!


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